Monday, November 2, 2009

One Man Pain Is The Men Pleasure


its been 2 day my father is in wad at HKL..
and now i start to understand the reason .
then it was few years ago i always hearing FORT MINOR song.
from all the album, there is one song that i only remember a line of the lyrics


i really forget the title of the song but the one line,made me fell into,
i started to understand the reason
sacrifice, the pain ,for our ,my pleasure, this happen because
sometimes it hapen this way ,our fathers is working hard to feed us, live for us, but we asking him the money for our pleasure ,same thing happen when we turn around the things upsidedown if we work we will work with pain ,but theyll will feel the pleasure,
i had 2 things im my mind ,is if this friday my results were good ill feel the pleasure ,but my father will feel the pain ,if my results were bad n i were extended
i will feel the pain n my father will feel the pleasure. well i had stuck mind ,n i now in problem between choosing choices ,what should i do...
in every choice i had the pain and the plesure
A) if i choose to continue study(if my results were ok),my family were in pain , coz no one could help us now,my father was is in hospital ,only me n younger
brother and mt mother ,had to take care of buisnesses were in low demand ,n have
to care my father,

B) i cant cont my studies even through my results were ok.i had to help in
buisnesses and my father ,but the bad things is i had to lose my time from
studies ,

which one of these i had to make the choice, it just a hard choice for me to make...
im thinking-thinking until now..
i had 3 more days make this decision .for now i started to lose hope that GODS here

dear god
all the thing i ask for is to make my father a healty person like everybody else.and take care of all of them when i im not around..
only he the one could help me to solve this problem..

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